RPS Membership

It has been a little while since I last posted something on my blog! I'm currently in the limbo between graduation and the graduation ceremony for my BA. It's because the degree is distance-learning and has three start dates throughout the year but only a single graduation date. Technically the course finished in February 2019, but I need to wait until November 2019 to be presented with my diploma. I also have to travel from Oxfordshire all the way to Edinburgh to get it!

In the mean time, I took the opportunity to sign back up with the Royal Photographic Society (RPS), since I now have the time to read their excellent journals. When compared to photography magazines you might find in a newagents, the RPS Journal is so much better. While is does sometimes cover camera hardware, it primarily concentrates on what members are creating. This makes it a great resource for inspirational images to help design my own future projects.

In addition to my the standard membership, I also took the opportunity to apply for an RPS distinction, namely the Associate membership or ARPS, and I was accepted! So from now on I can use ARPS at the end of my name, and use the corresponding badge on my website.

The following in an excerpt from the Royal Photographic Society's media release on distinctions, since they went to so much trouble writing it, and it describes what this means far more eloquently than I ever could:

The RPS's distinctions are internationally respected and sought-after by professional and amateur photographers. Over 1000 applications for Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship are received each year with around 600 being successful.

And a bit about the RPS itself:

The Royal Photographic Society is the UK's leading photography organisation with a distinguished heritage, a relevance to the present, and a vision for the future. The RPS's mission is to promote and encourage the highest standards of photography through exhibitions, publications, and activities, and to support individual achievement through education and recognition. Both a charity and a membership organisation, with around 11,600 members worldwide, The Society is open to anyone with an interest in photography. The Society is consulted by government and other organisations and represents photography to the media.

Visit https://rps.org/ to find out more!