As I sit with my blog open, it strikes me that I’ve never been able to define myself or what I do because I am interested in writing about so many different things. On my website, there are recipes, poems, pictures, drawings, musings on philosophy, and much more besides.

I’m constantly flailing about, looking for ways to express myself. All this casting about creates an endless stream of ‘content’ for want of a better word, but without the focus required to generate an income from any of it. At the moment, that’s something I could really use.

My advice to whoever is reading this: pick something you’re passionate about and stick with it. As for me, when you have so many passions and can’t decide on one over the others, it creates a bit of a mess. Luckily, I can compile everything here online, even if it’s just a record to prove that I existed and was somehow productive.

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