I had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday. There was barely any pain, and worrying for an hour beforehand, anticipating the pain was far worse than the injection itself.

The nurse was kind and helpful, and even though she nicked a capillary and I bled down my arm to my elbow, I was in good spirits much of the time.

Today all I have is an ache in my arm.

I believe this demonstrates how ineffective worry can be as a way of keeping us safe. In this modern world, where we aren't in danger of being killed and eaten, it's vital to remember that the worries we live with don't serve to keep us safe. If trouble does arise, it'll likely be very sudden, and our actions at the time dictate what happens to us.

If you're worried about being vaccinated, you're certainly not alone. But we should all do our bit to ensure this pandemic ends as swiftly as possible. Those of us with worries are just afraid of something hypothetical happening, and the chances of that are extremely low.

Just remember: the virus itself is so much worse.

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